Hello! Thank you commissioning me! I’m sure I will have plenty of fun fulfilling your commission!
From purchasing off me, there are unfortunately some rules and regulations that you must follow in order to have a smooth transaction! Please read the rules very carefully and take your time with reading before we can proceed with the commission!


  1. You must make a deposit before I can start the commission (the deposit is most often £5 unless specified)
  2. Once we have communicated clearly what you would like, I will go ahead and create a sketch of your request. After the sketch is completed, I will send you the image for approval to see if you would like me to continue with the sketch (if you commission is a sketch, then all you have to is approve (or critique it))
  3. After the sketch is approved by you then I will go ahead and finalise the image. Please DO NOT attempt to make any contact with me involving the words “Is it done yet?” or “Have you finished it?” because I will most likely not respond. If you NEED to respond saying you either change your mind about the commission, or you want to change something about the image then that is OK. Please don’t demand asking if it’s completed!
  4. You’ll be given an estimated date of when the commission will be completed. If I surpass that date, It will most likely be because I am busy (if that’s not the case they I’ll justify my tardiness) and most of the time if I surpass that date, you will be discounted (unless the commission itself is discounted then this rule DOES NOT apply)
  5. Once I have completed your commission, you will deposit the REST of the commission and I will hand you your commission 🙂
  6. Once the transaction is over, you may use your commission however you plead but HOWEVER, you may NOT credit yourself for the art work (I will include my water mark) and if you are using your commission commercially (whether your posting it on social media etc) then you MUST credit me for the work (unfortunately there are some difficult people so I am obliged to make this rule clear)
  7. If you follow all these rules, then we’re done and we’re both are happy 🙂

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask!

Some often asked questions:

Q: Can I use your drawing as a product?

A: yes, but you would need to elaborate on details.

Q: How much are the discounts (if you surpass the date)?

A: it usually ranges around 10% off depending how badly I meet my deadline.

Q: Do you do giveaways?

A: No, not currently. It may be done in the future BUT I do art raffles every now and then. Keep in tune with my social medias so see when I’m doing an art raffle

Q: Can I trace your art?

A: If you don’t post it and only use it for personal use then yes (I don’t want to hunt down traced art as it is not fun for anyone)

Q: Do you get your deposit back if you cancel your commission halfway through?

A: Unfortunately, you don’t. This is why the deposit price is very low (If you want more information on why, do not hesitate to ask)